Cool Kids…They Belong Together

by themorningbreath

Let me just say, HOLY MOLY BATMAN. This feeling of sweet accomplishment is too much to handle. What about, you may ask? Well, I managed to upload 30 pictures using Kenyan internet. Yes, I know, hold your applause. It took me most of the morning, an entire pot of green tea, and most of my fingernails. BUT, it’s finally happening, I have the distinct privilege to introduce you to the wubbulously beautiful, gargantuanly giddy, infinitely inspiring children of Flying Kites. This photo series attempts to speak to the powerful spirit that these kids exude, but my edited version of the world couldn’t possibly package how truly lovely these little cherubs are.

I promise to go more in detail about the wonderful world of Kenya, a Jones Family African Xmas (complete with pics of my family members in Masai warrior gear(!)), me stumbling into the fashion world of Nairobi, and random other musings and happenings in my next post, but I wanted to start off with the coolest part of the trip…the chinlins. Bring on the cuteness, BRING IT.

Sponsor a child to foster a relationship with one of these astoundingly cool young humans: